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People all over the world, health and happiness!
Covid-19 came in 2020 disrupted and upset people ’s lives in the worldwide. The Virus is cruel,but we believe people in the world are always unite as one!
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Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus, we have been using our strength to collect various kinds of epidemic prevention supplies and continuously send these supplies to all friends around the world who need help. Help them fight the coronavirus like we do, be healthy and happy!
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Qualification certification
We have CE, FDA, NIOSH, TGA, and other qualification certification, the company has the relevant medical product business license, can fully protect your needs!
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About EPC
EPC Limited is a subsidiary corporation of THE TNN DEVELOPMENT LIMITED, has more than 30 employees in exporting business since 1998. Due to Corona virus(COVID-19) is spreading all over the world, we have received many enquiries each day asking for masks, protective suit, test kits, etc… In order to help people all over the world to fight with COVID-19, we got the medical device selling certificate in March and spend a lot of time to secure reliable manufacturers in China.
We supply all kinds of face masks and medical device as below: -Disposable non-medical mask -Disposable medical mask -Medical surgical mask(STERILE/NON-STERILE) -KN95(Chinese standard GB2626) -N95(medical standard GB19083) -N99(medical mask, Type IIR) -Medical disposable Protective Gown -Goggles -Test kits(IgM & RT-PCR)
We are aware of the newest policies of China custom Notice 5 and 12. For all medical masks, we are supplying from the government issued white list only. It assures no problem at custom both in China and destination countries. We fight together!
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In the past 23 years, we have been committed to the development, production and sale of Disposable Nitrile Gloves, protective clothing, syringes, anti epidemic emulsion pump heads and disinfectant wipes.
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